3 Majorly Underrated European Cities.

Though Europe is filled with many world renowned cities, landmarks and scenery, these 3 will surely be able to check off a few bucket list items. With beautiful architecture, delicious food and culture to inspire, the following are 3 majorly underrated european cities to explore.

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Marseille, France

Located on the coast of France next to the Mediterranean Sea, this iconic French city will leave one happy and relaxed. The best time to visit would be September, in this month you can still get warm days of summer while being able to enjoy less crowded attractions. While in Marseille, make sure to check out the district ‘Le Panier’. A community of artists and local boutiques making for a trendier atmosphere than other parts of the city. During your stay here you will inevitably run into the harbour or ‘Old Port’. This enormous harbour is filled with boats and surrounded by a variety of restaurants, you can even catch a ferry called ‘le ferry boat’ for just 50 cents to cross harbour in a hurry!  Make sure to take a ride on the ferris wheel located here to get stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. My final recommendation for a must do in this underrated city is visit the ‘Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde’. Towering over the city, this monumental church built out of beautiful stone and contains a history that will leave any visitor yearning for more. Marseille is best for the traveler looking for a warm summer getaway with good food and beautiful sights.

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Marseille, France

The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands

Though the capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam, the head of the government and the residence of the monarchy is located in The Hague. Found in the south-west of the country it is the culture hub of the nation with numerous museums and galleries to immerse oneself in. The city has many notably famous sights to see, the most popular of these probably being ‘Mauritshuis’. This world renowned museum is remarkably still free for youth under the age of 19, and is a good deal for adults if you buy one of the various museum passes available. The “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is on display in this gallery and is truly beautiful. Make sure to also check out the ‘Panorama Mesdag’, It is a beautiful oil canvas panoramic painting in a circular shaped room. You enter through a spiral staircase from a lower level into a room that feels serene and makes you genuinely feel as though you are at the beach as the painting shows. Additionally the Hague Tower should also be on everyone’s itinerary, soaring high over the city, this relatively new building has scenic views of the entire city and for just 9 euros you will get entrance to the 42nd floor and a drink of your choice in the restaurant. A final recommendation for your city tour is to visit the ‘Peace Palace’. The museum/shop located on sight examines the significant role the palace played in the legal history of the world and how it still plays a part even to this day. If you are traveling in search of history and culture this is the destination for you.


View from The Hague Tower, The Netherlands

Salzburg, Austria

This serene mountain town will fill the heart of any visitor. The first thing you will notice when arriving here is the clean air. Noticeably different from surrounding European cities, the air is fresh and everyone has a smile on their face. Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart and consequently has many Mozart themed activities and products, most notably the Mozart chocolate ball (which don’t actually have anything to do with the famous composer other than the foil wrap which contains a picture of his face.) You can visit the building where he was born which now contains a small grocery store on the street level (they have good sandwiches.) Though hard to miss, make a point of visiting ‘Getreidegasse’, this cobblestoned street is lined with local boutiques, ice cream parlours and fantastic eating spots. If you are a fan of italian food this is the city for you as they have a particularly large number of Italian restaurants. Standing upon the hill facing towards the city is the ‘Salzburg Fortress’ (Hohensalzburg Fortress), it is the largest fully intact castle in this part of Europe, for just over 12 euros you gain entrance to the castle grounds, many of the rooms inside and a one way ride on the funicular (I recommend to use this on the way down because of the scenic walk up the hill to the fortress). Another castle to visit is ‘Mirabell Palace’. The extensive gardens make for a relaxing atmosphere to people watch or read a book. If you’re looking for a less populated city with tons to see, (and some good italian food) a trip to Salzburg should be on your agenda.

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View from The Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, Austria

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